My aim is to deliver your dream room, where you feel comfortable and with which you can identify, thereby improving your quality of life. By working closely with you I get an insight into your living environment which enables me to more accurately fulfill your intentions. This creates a challenge not just for myself but also for you the customer in choosing patterns, designs and questions of detail. My chief concern is ensuring that you're satisfied with the custom-tailored product.

I work intuitively to transform your desires into my carpentry. The things I can't make myself, such as stairs for example, are delivered by specialists. The diversity of materials available today makes it possible to offer almost any kind of design. In combination with the right craftsmanship this will lead to details which will pleasantly remind you of the construction process.

My remit is to make my work a positive experience for you, and by cooperating and coordinating with other specialist workers take the path of 'easy building'.